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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Tonight I couldn't sleep,
thoughts flowing across my face,
cascading ringlets, like Taylor Swift
or some medieval princess,
harlot, whore, madam,
Madonna, Venus.

Tonight I couldn't sleep,
so I put my panties back on
drove to where you park your car
not knowing if it was
the top or bottom floor
following just the word of God
and the yelp of dogs
perceiving malice.

Tonight I couldn't sleep,
and decided instead to drive
you back across the water
for the snakes to repent as you
kiss stone hard as cock
or the brick in my hand
as I rush past
the shop where you
sometimes sit staring
out the window.

Tonight I couldn't sleep,
but I had plenty of fuel and
matches, Diet Coke and strong Irish
liquor, cut lengths of blonde
rope, mild narcotics and cheap
cigarettes which make accidents
seem more circumstantial.

Tonight I couldn't sleep,
so I freed all the animals
and left you there
to be unidentified
and easily

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