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Monday, November 29, 2010

Re-uptake Inhibited

I popped the first pills an hour and a half ago. Was half expecting an allergic reaction to the anti-biotic, though that hasn't happened since I was 10 years old and so overweight they gave me something strong enough to heal a cow. It's the second med that's surprising me - I haven't been so dizzy since, well, not that long ago but a recent evening involving an Irish bar and a Groupon where I learned I like gin mixed with diet 7-up. It's kinda nice having an additional excuse to stay in bed. I've had such a ball so far, watching Youtube clips of Ellen (P!nk's pregnant!) and trying to educate myself on whatever given thing came to mind that I do not really need to know, such as which celebrities have had abortions, and how the Brangelina clan is doing. Also, that Jake Gyyylllleennnnhhaaallll and Taylor Swift (who I thought was 15, what the fuck?) are dating and spent Thanksgiving together at a coffee shop in New York drinking maple lattes made with syrup from Vermont. Hot damn! The excitement here is overwhelming. In a bold move of self-preservation, I got up to nuke some leftover Stouffer's chicken parmesan and sip some cool water, in case the dizziness was due to hunger, dehydration, or a low blood sugar episode. Though the latter has yet to be ruled out, I'm judging by the movement of the room that it's more likely a drug-induced scenario. I'm more affected by Celexa than I've ever been high on weed, not that that says much because the green stuff really doesn't affect me. That's probably a good thing, I leave it for those who enjoy it more and get first dibs on their hospitable snack platters, gorging myself on chips, cheeses, and Townhouse crackers before they get the munchies Win-win....

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