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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Thursdays

Garrett and I went to see Grown Ups tonight. On the way in to the theater, he mentions that his friend Chad asked him to go fishing on Thursday, because it is Chad's birthday and that's how he'd like to spend it.

Garrett and I have seen each other just about every day since we met almost a year ago. When he asked if it was all right that he go fishing, he had an edge of apology in his voice, as though he suspected we had some definite plans for Thursday night that he'd forgotten about. As if he were breaking an important date with me to fulfill Chad's birthday wish.

I say no, we don't have plans,  don't worry about it. In fact, Thursday night is the Grey's Anatomy season premier. So I was planning on staying home and watching that.


Near the end of the movie there is a scene where Chris Rock's character, who is a house husband,  confronts his workaholic wife about not feeling appreciated for all the work that he does. She listens to what he's saying then offers to take him out for dinner once a week to show him how special he is.

On Thursdays.

The first thing that goes through my head when someone mentions Thursday night is - That's Grey's Anatomy night.  So I'm thinking that right as Chris Rock answers - That's Grey's Anatomy night. I didn't plan that, really. I hadn't seen a movie clip or anything. How could I have known?

Garrett and I both laugh out loud.

He flashes me a loving smile.